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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joe Dressner...we'll always remember you.

Joe Dressner we miss you.  We miss you because you were truly one of a kind.  We miss you because you taught us so much; so much about wine, but more importantly about life - how to live life with vigor, purpose and relentless pursuit of what you believe is right.
Joe, you were inspiring, you were intelligent, you were witty, and you were sometimes a bit coarse.  You were a whole person and an honest person in the way you lived your life and in the way you conducted your business.  You were always honest and true to who you were as a person.  You were always honest and true to the families whose wines you represented and you defended them and their traditions with vigor.  
Joe, we miss you, but you’ve left us with so much and you’ve inspired so many people in the wine world that you and your work will live on not only in the Louis/Dressner wines we drink, but in the whole idea that drinking honest wines that reflect the place they came from is inspiring. 
I’ll remember you fondly, Joe.
Eric Pottmeyer
Sec Wines